Friday, January 15, 2016

Bareburger, Financial District, NY

Bareburger is a semi-national chain, mostly throughout NY. They offer great options for those with allergies/aversions such as gluten-free buns and vegan cheese. 

The dreaded BOX.

I ordered the regular French Fries as a Side, although they also offer Sweet Fries. They arrived hot, but in a closed box. The box itself looked compostable, but since NYC doesn't compost, I had no idea if it really was. The unfortunate thing about the box is that it steamed the fries and made them limp and mushy on the inside, soft with no bite on the outside. One word: Moist. And that is just an unfortunate word, especially in terms of French Fries. 

You could tell at one point they were pretty yummy, but then they were placed in the box....They were not moist to the point of being disgusting–the flavor was really good, but the texture threw me off.

A couple things I should point out. At $2.80 a side they are damn cheap. Also, Bareburger wins alls kinds of Cutest Food Packaging Awards (I wish I had taken a photo of their burger wrapping paper). 

So if you're looking for a bargain with cuteness added in, not a bad place to stop in.

One sad side note: They do reveal upfront on the menu that a Side of Fries is 480 calories :{   Waaaahhhhhhhh.


Price: As a Side $2.80.
There's also an option to buy as a "Snack," which I assume means a much larger portion, which comes with Special Sauce (AND? Hard to tell from the menu–I don't know if the Curry Ketchup IS the Special Sauce) Curry Ginger Ketchup for $4.85.

Portion Size: Large

Texture: Lots of soft mushiness :(  Which is unfortunate, because I bet they were amazing when they got out of the fryer, but the closed box resulted in floppy softness (apologies for that gross description, but it's true).

Greasiness Level: 3 out of 5 (standard grease level)
Seasoning: Salt
Fried In: 100 Percent Non-GMO Canola Oil

Condiments: Salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard

Overall Quality of Regular French Fries: 6.0 out of 10. Grade could easily be upped if they ditched the darn box!

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