Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Delfina Restaurant in San Francisco, CA

When asked what the fries at Delfina were fried in, the waiter answered, "Rice oil," which I have never heard of before. How can rice have enough fat content to derive an oil?

However, research on the the internet led me to a product called "Rice Bran Oil." Interesting. According to Wikipedia, "Rice bran oil is the oil extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice." I assume it is better for you than lard. Not that I really care about that stuff. And if it means these fries are healthy compared to lard-fried fries, so be it: these fries are deee-licious.

A giant pile of fries arrives on the table. I mean GIANT. They come tossed with fried pieces of rosemary and sage leaves which are salty, crispy, yummy snacks on their own. They are very well seasoned, meaning they do not need salt added to them, and they do not come with a side of ketchup or any other condiment. They are supposed to be eaten on their own. And they were. All of them.

Price: $4.00
Portion Size: Extra Large (a steal!!!!)
Texture: Crispy outside with tender soft potato inside
Greasiness Level: 1 out of 5 (meaning not greasy at all; very little oil left behind on fingers)
Seasoning: Salt, sage, rosemary
Fried in: Rice Oil
Bonus: Fried sage and rosemary
Accompanied by Condiments: No

Overall Quality of French Fries: 10 out of 10

(It will be difficult to not give every fry I eat a 10. I promise to be as discerning as possible.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to the French Fry Lady

I have never met a fry I didn't like. Having said that, that does not mean that all fries are created equally, because they're not. A fry can be soggy and mushy, or enveloped in marijuana (for pot-laced examples, please see Kennedy's Fried Chicken in Long Island City) and I will still eat it. I have even found a fully cooked french fry in the middle of my piece of chocolate cake at the Pour House in Boston. Which shocked me. But I still ate the fry, before continuing with the rest of the cake.

In this blog I will review french fries that I encounter in my life, with the hope that this food item be elevated to the status in the culinary world that it deserves. Feel free to send along recommendations. Happy Fry Spying!