Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grand Tavern in Oakland, CA

(Note: I promise you that I'm just not arbitrarily giving fries a 10!)

The Social Skin Fries at Grand Tavern are unlike anything I've ever tasted before. Served with 4 different dipping options, including ketchup and a fantastic lime aioli, these house cut fries are surprisingly YU. MMY. They are cut into thin oval shapes and resemble potato chips; therefore, I was expecting the hard crunch of said potato chip. However, upon biting into my first luscious fry, I was surprised to find instead a slightly crisp-on-the-outside and potatoey softness on the inside. Bonus: the occasional crispier-than-the-rest fries you'll find hidden in the large pile. A fun surprise indeed!

Although a bit pricey at $7.00, the portion size is large and the different sauce options make it worth it. The fries are exceptionally well-seasoned and actually don't need sauce at all, but if you're that kind of person who needs to slather his or her potatoes with condiments, then so much the better. Go!


Price: $7.00
Portion Size: Large
Texture: Crispy on outside, soft on the inside. Sort of unexplainable--
unlike any other "fry" I've ever tasted. Sort of a cross between a
potato chip and a french fry.

Greasiness Level: 3 out of 5 (a bit greasy)
Seasoning: Well seasoned with salt. Perfection.
Fried in: Some sort of vegetable oil

Condiments: ketchup, lime aioli, finely diced green chile, tomato aioli (is that what you call it? I'll investigate next time). The tomato sauce was my least favorite, but was a nice addition nonetheless.

Overall Quality of French Fries: 10 out of 10