Thursday, December 29, 2011

Souley Vegan in Oakland, CA

Souley Vegan. 

I'm sorry, but for sweet potato fries that are a whopping $6.00, they'd better be good. And I admit that the portion size was HUGE. But unfortunately, the fries arrived lukewarm, which quickly became room-temp, and even quicklier (if that's a word) became Cold, with a capital "C."

(apologies for Gross Photo)

Instead of your standard fry, the sweet potato fries here are more like circular rounds, ie, the potatoes are not sliced in the traditional rectangular fashion. For me, they were pretty mushy and soggy all around, and very underseasoned. While my companion thought they were "good," I am not going to be as forgiving.  I'm sure they would have been much better had they arrived hot, but the service at Souley Vegan is very, very slow, and I'm sure the poor potatoes were sitting in some window for a while (I waited 45 minutes for my takeout order, which did include two sandwiches, but I think that's kind of a wait for such a small order).

If you do go, try the Southern Fried Tofu sandwich, which I think is awesome (I've been there before on a day when the place was practically empty...and still waited almost 40 minutes for a sandwich). For the price, however, I would skip the sweet potato fries.


Price: $6.00

Portion Size: Extra large
Texture: Very mushy, with an occasional fry with a slightly crispy skin. Arrived lukewarm :( Waaaahhhhh....considering the wait.

Greasiness Level: 3 out of 5 (a bit greasy)
Seasoning: Totally underseasoned, a disappointment considering I love the Tofu sandwich here
Fried in: Some salt of vegetable oil

Condiments: Salt, pepper, hot sauce ketchup

Overall Quality of French Fries: 5.25 out of 10.
Would probably be way better if they arrived hot, or even sort-of warm.