Monday, August 27, 2012


(PS: I just noticed I spelled "Buffet" with three "T''s" in the title.  It's like an onomatopoeia! BuFFFFFet, as in endddddddlesssssss....)

I will say it again. These french fries are the best french fries ever to appear at a wedding buffet. B & T's wedding at the Portland Art Museum was absolutely lovely, from the ceremony itself, to the table settings to the wedding cake topper created by T herself. And yes, there was a wedding buffet that was full of delights, plus assorted doughnuts in addition to the gorgeous wedding cake. And pizza was even delivered in the wee hours while the dancing was winding down!

It's sort of unfair to judge fries at a wedding buffet. I mean, how often do you see unlimited potatoes prepared in the french manner offered on a day of matrimonial celebration? Let's just say that I initially got what was on the bottom of the pan…And then my companion saw that a fresh tray was coming out and heaped a pile of those on my plate.
Cell phone photo does not do justice to the amazing meal, I promise.

Delicious. The hot-fresh fries were amazing. Please do not be mad at me, gentle readers--I mean, reader, meaning myself--but the middle could of been cooked just a wee bit more. I'm going to leave it at that. Because they were still awesome.

B & T, you are an awesome couple. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness together! Thank you for allowing me to partake on your special day and be the freak who had an obscene pile of fries on her plate, surrounded by various toppings (some stolen from the Roast Beef Station) smeared everywhere.


Portion Size: XXXXX Large.
Texture: Crispy on outside, maybe a bit undercooked in the middle (at least the batch I got. But still, I must emphasize, AWESOME).

Greasiness Level: 2 out of 5 (actually not that greasy)
Seasoning: A bit underseasoned, but I took care of that with the condiments.
Fried in: presumably a vegetable oil?

Condiments: "Borrowed" from Roast Beef Station: horseradish, soft red onions, mustard

ketchup and ranch dressing (ranch dressing at a wedding, people!)

Overall Quality of French Fries: 7.25 out of 10