Monday, April 1, 2013

Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco, CA

Maybe you've already heard of Mission Chinese. You know, that spot that everyone from Lidia Bastianich to...well, everyone else gushes over (personally, I think they're food is migraine inducing over-the-top %#@^$ SALTY!!! And I'm a salt fiend!!).

Well, Anthony Myint, the chef guy from Mission Chinese, now also runs the restaurant inside Mission Bowling, a large, hip bowling spot on 17th between South Van Ness and Shotwell. I'm not sure how the bowling is, but I do know a bit about the food.
Notice miniscule "burger" to the left. People trying to maintain a normal 2000-a day calorie diet need not apply.

How would you like a 3 x 1.5" rectangular vegan burger for $10.00? Well, that's exactly how I felt. Granted it was served with a small salad, which I promptly substituted with fries, a decision for which I was fined an additional dollar.

The side of fries was a smallish medium in terms of portion size (for some reason, the photo above makes the portion size look larger than it actually was), and there were a few mealy ones in the bunch. However, most of them were cooked well and had great texture and flavor. Although extremely underseasoned, a good hit of salt and ketchup helped remedy that. A decent side of fries, if a bit on the expensive side.

I've heard some great things about their cocktails, so I'd be willing to go back if a friend really wanted to. Just not sure I would order the My Little Pony-sized vegan "burger" again. I felt pretty ripped off (ie, I did not think it was a great burger. I would have been fine with a frozen Boca Burger).


Price: $11 (includes $1 penalty) when ordered with a doll-size vegan "burger"
$6 if ordered alone as a side (this version comes with a "dipping sauce." I have no idea what that means).

Portion Size: Smallish-Medium (although if you don't have my appetite, you'd prolly think it was more on the Medium side)
Texture: A few mealy ones, but overall good texture, chew, and crispiness of outside

Greasiness Level: 3 out of 5 (standard grease level)
Seasoning: None (really needed it)
Fried In: I believe some sort of vegetable oil

Condiments: salt, pepper, ketchup

Overall Quality of French Fries: 5.75 out of 10