Sunday, May 11, 2014

Five Faces Ice Cream Shop, Chicago, Illinois, yo

(Confession: I'm not gonna lie. I've seen the interiors of more than a handful of french fry purveyors since my last review. But the combo of being both busy and lazy kinda killed the fire under me to keep up with this blog. Here's hoping this marks a new start.)


I've heard this area of Chicago referred to as Near North Side, Gold Coast, and other confusing multiple-name whosie-whatsits. But what does it matter when it's very early in the wee hours of the morning, and you're looking for an amazing fish sandwich and fries, and like a miracle, the sign for this place twinkles in the moonlight and you realize, yes, your perfect day will actually roll over into a very perfect morningLet me make a very bold statement, ladies and gentlemen, and say that Five Faces Rules. As for the "Ice Cream" part of their name, they do have soft serve and shakes, but I didn't see any actual "ice cream" lying around. What they do have is EVERYTHING ELSE. Italian sausage, cheeseburgers, chili hot dogs, chicken tacos, gyros, pizza puffs, and everything else in-between. Besides a crazy assortment of, well, like I said, everything, it's the perfect place to observe the hussies who just crawled out of the several bars or clubs on the block wolfing down greasy food in drunken bliss (if watching stuff like that is your sort of thing).

Adorable fry sack. Sound filthy? It ain't.

Fries: In an adorable bag that says "FRENCH FRIES" on it (and the very same bag that's on my Items I Love list on Etsy). And yummy. Slightly crispy on the outside, nice and soft of the inside. Not seasoned enough, but with salt you can change the course of your fry-meal. In spite of this, the fries were delectable even without the salt.

And did I mention that the fish sammich was kick-ass? Five Faces, I love you.


Price: French Fries $2.13 (for goodness sake, a deal, I tell you!)

Portion Size: Medium
Texture:  Slightly crispy on the outside,  nice "give" on the inside.
Greasiness Level: 3 out of 5 (standard grease level)
Seasoning: None
Fried In: I believe some sort of vegetable oil

Condiments: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard. Not well-seasoned, but salt changed EVERYTHING.

Overall Quality of Regular French Fries: 6.5 out of 10 with salt added.